Monday, December 19, 2011

Book Review - Dreaming in 3D

A couple of months back, I purchased Doug Clay's book "Dreaming in 3D:  Finding and Following God's Amazing Plan for Your Life."  (It is still available in eBook form for 99 cents from Amazon).  While we were away from home, I was unable to finish it - until today.  I found the book to be interesting, challenging, and full of helpful ideas for people at various stages in life and their dreams.  I have been able to put some of the information to practical use in my life already - and hope to use more in the future.

Here are some things I gleaned from the pages of this book:

There are three questions that Doug poses when he is making a decision.
  1. God's Man - Does the role fit me?
  2. God's Time - Does the timing fit my family and my sense of direction?
  3. God's Place - Is God leading me to that particular place with those people?
God takes our desire and talent and blends them with opportunity to use them.

God's anointing along with our humility, which points us to God's provision of grace and strength, provide the strength to fulfill any dream that God has given us.  We need mentors and friends to walk with us through fulfilling our dreams.  Mentors are wise, trusted leaders who speak truth and prod us to go where we have never gone before.  Friends are our cheerleaders who love us and believe in us no matter what happens.

A person with a servant's heart does whatever it takes to get the job done, without thought of convenience or applause.

It is important that people are the focus of our God-given direction.  God created us in His image as relational creatures.  We are not meant to be Lone Rangers.

"God's dream for us is inaugurated by the Spirit of God, and it is confirmed by the Word of God and the people of God. The powerful interplay of these three give us hope, heart, and handles on the dream. They inspire us, correct us, and propel us to keep going when times are hard. At each step forward, we celebrate God's goodness and the incredible privilege of being His partner in the greatest enterprise the world has ever known—changing people's lives."
Clay, Doug (2011-10-05). Dreaming in 3D: Finding and Following God's Amazing Plan for Your Life (Kindle Locations 1258-1261). BookMasters. Kindle Edition.

"When dreams go backward, we need to have a long-term perspective. We need to understand that God is purifying our hearts, marshaling resources, or setting up His perfect timing to accomplish His good purposes. Difficulties don't mean that God has become our adversary. Just the opposite! He is our most gifted and diligent Teacher. He's committed to take us through the curriculum He has designed specifically for us so that we learn life's most important lessons."
Clay, Doug (2011-10-05). Dreaming in 3D: Finding and Following God's Amazing Plan for Your Life (Kindle Locations 1324-1327). BookMasters. Kindle Edition.

I find myself at a place where I need God to give me a renewed vision and plan for the future.  While reading a book like this cannot be a substitute for prayer and seeking God for direction, it can provide a different way to look at things and does provide many thought provoking questions to help as you think through various options.

It does not matter our age or stage in life, we need God to give us a dream for what He has for us to do.  Only then will we be truly satisfied as we see God fulfill those dreams through our lives.

How about you?  Do you have a God-given dream?  If so, pursue it with everything you have.  If not, ask Him to give you one!

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