Thursday, February 9, 2012

Belarus - Buildings and Architecture

This is my fifth blog post about my Belarus trip - pictures of some of the buildings and architecture I saw (in the order I saw them). The first post was about the travel. The second post was about the activities. The third post was about the money. The fourth post was about the statues and monuments.  There are still more to come!

If you like buildings and architecture, Minsk is a beautiful city with many different kinds of architecture.

Not sure what this was, but I liked the architecture

I learned that Minsk, Belarus was the birthplace of communism.

This house was where the first Communist Party meeting took place
Inside is a small museum

More than 85% of Minsk was destroyed during World War II. Not many cities suffered during the war more than this one!

This was one of the few buildings that survived World War II

The white building in the center is another building that survived the war

Like Krivoy Rog, Minsk has a building used only for the circus.

Belarus State Circus

Surprisingly, you can always find Orthodox (and even some Catholic) churches in the former Soviet Union.

One of the churches we saw

Many of the buildings have some type of interesting artwork.

Interesting paintings on an apartment building

The Belarussian National Library is a very unique building that opened in June 2006.  It is 24 floors high.

National Library of Belarus

Left of the library entrance - the same phrase in many languages

Here is the phrase - in English - that is various languages

Right of the library entrance - various phrases from their culture

The actual entrance with the words "National Library of Belarus" in Belarusian

We paid less than $2.50 each to view from the top.  There is a lookout from the 22nd floor, and then you can actually go to a roof area.  It was a snowy day, but the view was still great!

View of the bus station from the lookout area on the 22nd floor

Stairs (from the top) to get to the lookout area on the roof

One of the views

Another view

View of a highway, I believe the one that goes to Moscow

View of a forested area outside of Minsk
About 40% of Belarus is forested

They love hockey in the former Soviet Union.  The Minsk Dynamo team has been pretty good this year.

Entrance to the hockey arena

How about you?  Do you realize how blessed most of us have been to live in a place that has not been destroyed by war?

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