Monday, February 13, 2012

Belarus - Nesvizh Castle Museum

This is my eighth blog post about my Belarus trip - the Nesvizh Castle Museum. The others have been about travel, activities, money, statues and monuments, buildings and architecture, Mir Castle, and Nesvizh Castle.

We enjoyed walking through the Nesvizh Castle Museum.  Pictures capture only part of the beauty we saw there.

Model of castle complex
Large room that appeared to be a library
with books and family records from centuries past
Large tapestry (visible on the back wall in the above picture)
and globe
A family book
Another tapestry
One of the rooms
Another room
Old furniture
Another piece of furniture
This room had family pictures like this all around the room
Design on the ceiling in one of the rooms
Another part of the ceiling in the same room
These dishes were beautiful.

We were told that the next section of the museum would be opening to the public later this year and that the next portion would be even more beautiful.

How about you?  Can you trace your family history back to the 16th century?

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