Friday, February 3, 2012

Food for Thought - 5

Today's food for thought...
When he was on his deathbed, Matthew Henry said to a friend, “You have been asked to take notice of the sayings of dying men—this is mine: that a life spent in the service of God and communion with Him is the most pleasant life that anyone can live in this world.”
MATTHEW HENRY, pastor and commentator (1662-1712)
Wiersbe, Warren W. (2011-09-01). 10 People Every Christian Should Know E-book (Kindle Locations 131-133). Baker Book Group. Kindle Edition.

"A life spent"

How do we spend our life?  Do we spend it for ourselves or for someone else?  When we live only for ourselves and our motives, we are living selfishly.  Only when we live our lives for someone else are we really living.  Do we take the safe choice or do we take risks?  I cannot believe that I am asking that, because I have always been a person who played it safe.  If something is spent, I would think of it as being all used up with nothing left.  Are we giving all of our lives or only part of them away?  Are we involved or committed?  For a breakfast of bacon and eggs, the chicken was only involved, while the pig was committed and gave everything.  I have learned that life is great when you have an adventure to live. Living in Ukraine has been and continues to be an exciting adventure.  I have much to learn about spending my life for God, but I am working on it.

"in the service of God"

If I am a servant and God is my sovereign (Lord or King), should I be doing what I want to do or what God wants me to do?  Who normally knows best - the servant or the Lord?  As a servant, we would have no say in what we do.  Everything we do would be at the command of the Lord.  When I send out our newsletters via e-mail, I normally sign them "In His Service."  I wonder though, am I always living that way, or only when I want to?  If we are living "in the service of God", does that mean we must be in full time ministry?  Absolutely not.  I wrote about this in my blog post "Food for Thought - 2."  We need to do what God wants us to do, regardless of whether we are a layman or in the ministry.

"and communion with Him"

In this case, communion can be replaced with the word fellowship.  Fellowship with Him means that we are in a right relationship with God.  He is holy and if we have sin in our lives, that fellowship is broken.  What a joy it is when we live our lives as God would have us live, making the right choices and free from the sins that so easily entangle us.  Remember what happened to Moses when he was on the mountain with God?  His physical appearance was changed in such a way that people knew he had been with the living God.

"is the most pleasant life"

He did not say it was a pleasant life or one of the ways to a pleasant life.  But he did say, it was the most pleasant life.  I do not know about you, but I would like my life to be pleasant.  That does not mean that life will always be easy.  As I do what God wants me to do, there will be trouble.  The Bible tells us that.  Always.  Just as He promised.  That is a pleasant life.

"that anyone can live in this world"

No one can have a better life than that.  Rich or poor.  Strong or weak.  Male or female.  Young or old.  Married or single.  No matter the nationality.  No one.

There is no better life than one that is completely committed to the service of God.  That is when God is best able to use us to reach the people around us. Just think of what an impact we can have on our world!

How about you?  How are you spending your life?  Are you in fellowship with the Lord?  Do people around us know that?

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