Monday, April 30, 2012

Processing Change

Tomorrow it marks 23 months since we left America and moved to Ukraine for two years. Our family has experienced a lot of change. The weeks before we left America were so stressful. I pray that when we leave America in 2013 that it is much easier!

There have been some difficult days in Ukraine.  My family experienced waves of homesickness and tears more than I did.  But I was physically sick more than the rest of my family.  Living in a place where you do not speak the language (or do not speak it well) can be challenging, to say the least.

I have noticed some changes in myself.

There are many things that I cannot control and, because I cannot control them, there is no reason to let them rattle me.  For example, when there is no water, even though I do not like it, I just wait for it to come back on.  There is nothing else I can do.  I would not even know who to call.

It used to bother me to make mistakes in public.  Early on, I decided that I was going to speak Russian in front of people, mistakes or not, because I wanted to demonstrate that I was trying to speak so they could understand me.  It was painful at times (for them and for me), but the last Sunday in Krivoy Rog, it was great to know that the people in the church actually understood what I was telling them!

As we prepare to return to the states in less than four weeks, which I am excited to do, I realize that I love the country of Ukraine, as well as its people, and that I will miss them.  It will be good to spend time with family and friends (old and new), but part of my heart will still be in Ukraine.  And that is as it should be!

While we are in the states, we will enjoy some good beef, my Life cereal for breakfast, as much peanut butter as I want, driving on good roads, and no trains!  They are economical, but so s-l-o-w.

Change as usually been more difficult for me, but stepping out for the adventure of a lifetime has been good for me.  I have no regrets.  And I'm ready to return in mid-2013.

How about you?  As you look back, do you see changes in yourself?  Are they good or bad?

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