Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Proud to be an American

Today is America's birthday!  I think the songwriter Don Raye put it well in the song "This is My Country."

This is my country! Land of my birth!
This is my country! Grandest on earth!
I pledge thee my allegiance, America, the bold,
For this is my country to have and to hold.
I love my country.  It is hard for me to hear or sing "The Start Spangled Banner" without getting a lump in my throat.

I am grateful for the many freedoms that we enjoy as Americans.  I know that it is because of the sacrifices of the men and women who have served, along with their families, that have kept America the land of the free and the home of the brave.  If you served our country - thank you for my freedom!

One of my favorite patriotic songs combines the themes of my freedom as an American and the freedom we have in Christ.  It is called "The Statue of Liberty" by Neil Enloe.  The video is

In New York Harbor, stands a lady with a torch raised to the sky.  And all who see her knows she stand for Liberty for you and me.  I’m so proud to be called an American, to be named with the brave and the free.  I will honor our flag and our trust in God, and the Statue of Liberty
On lonely Golgotha, stood a cross with my Lord raised to the sky.  And all who kneel there will live forever, as all the saints can testify.  I’m so glad to be called a Christian, to be named with the ransomed and whole.  As the Statue liberates a citizen, so the cross liberates the soul.
Oh, the cross is my Statue of Liberty.  It was there that my soul was set free.  Unashamed I’ll proclaim that a rugged cross is my Statue of Liberty!

How about you?  Are you proud to me an American?

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