Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Election day is here.

Aren't you glad?  I am.  Is it just because all of the activities that go with elections will be over?  Commercials.  Phone calls.  Signs.  Polls More commercials.  More phone calls.  And even more signs.  And more polls.  By the time the presidential elections are over, nearly everyone in America is sickened by all of it and we just want the process over with.

But aren't you also glad that we have this process?  I sure am.  We could live in dictatorship, like many around the world do.  We could live in a monarchy, with a family ruling our empire.  We could live in a "false" democracy, where there are elections, but the results do not come close to being the "will of the people".

Instead, we live in America.  While not perfect, she is a grand country.  I have never known anyone who was hassled at a voting place.  I have never had trouble voting.  I have never been turned away and unable to vote.  This year, I voted absentee ballot for the first time because our travels took us away from home on election day.  I know the process is not perfect, but I believe that my vote, added with the votes of many others, results in the majority deciding the winner.  Yes, I know that for the presidential race, the electoral college gets involved, but it also is based on the majority of votes.  It is my opportunity to make my desires known along with all the other eligible American citizens.

Aliens and criminals do not get to vote.  Just those who either were born an American citizen (like me) or those who became naturalized American citizens (like many people I know).

As an eligible voter, if you did not make sure to vote, shame on you!  Many people died in the establishment of this democratic country and more died to maintain the freedoms you enjoy today.

Having freedom does not mean that I have the liberty to do whatever I want.  Freedom is really liberty with responsibility and restraint.  I demonstrate responsibility when I exercise the rights that have been bestowed upon me as the citizen of this country (such as voting).  I demonstrate restraint when I am glad that those who disagree with me have the ability to express their position openly.

I thank God for America and the many freedoms that we have.  Even if it means I need to put up with the constant barrage of messages surrounding election day.

As I think about the signs of the soon to be complete election, I am reminded of the signs of an even larger event that many of us around the world are waiting for.  In the Bible we are reminded over and over to watch and be ready.  What are we watching for?  The signs, of course!  What are we to be ready for?  The second coming of Jesus Christ, the day that the signs are pointing to.  This is the day that Jesus returns for those who are ready, those who have believed in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour and takes them from this earth.  The Bible calls Christians the "elect" in Christ, so we are waiting for the largest "election day" in the history of the world.

How about you?  Are you ready for that day?